Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks Keep 'Zack and Miri' Watchable

City Pulse | October 25, 2008
Kevin Smith hasn't matured enough to actually make a good comedy, but he has accrued enough casting wisdom to elevate his latest homegrown material with the effervescent Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks. Smith's slacker-inspired script follows childhood-pals-turned-roommates Zack (Rogan) and Miri (Banks) whose Pittsburgh existence has fallen below the poverty line of having heat and running water. Zack gets a bright idea for the pair to make a porno movie with some financial help from his coffee shop co-worker Delaney (Craig Robinson), and soon the team are using the coffee shop as a night time movie set. Vulgarities abound and the spotty humor comes and goes like sweat drops on a sauna floor. Brandon Routh (Superman) and Justin Long steal their scenes as a "couple" of gay porn actors, but it's Rogan and Banks as would-be lovers unclear on the concept that keeps the movie watchable.

(The Weinstein Company) Rated NC-17. 101 mins. (C) (Two Stars)
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