Riverfront Times Questions Confinement of Female "Sexual Predator"

january 10, 2002  10:26 am
Angela Coffel is the first woman ever jailed in Missouri as a violent sexual predator. Riverfront Times' Geri L. Dreiling looks at the story and concludes that evidence of Coffel's sexual violence is virtually non-existent. One expert concluded "because of her childhood sexual abuse, as well as her highly chaotic and abusive home life, Angel uses sex as a way to gain acceptance and affection." In a court "war of experts" that cost state taxpayers $20,000, another witness said, "There appears to be one piece of data that is driving this, which is the fact that Ms. Coffel has a positive HIV status." Coffel has one shot, at a hearing this August, to win a second chance. If she loses, she could spend the rest of her life in solitary confinement in a state mental facility for sexual predators.