Redmond Defends SFBG Advertising Policy

may 30, 2007  08:37 am
The Bay Guardian ran an ad for Coors Light earlier this month and faced the wrath of local progressives, who have boycotted the company since 1974 due to its anti-union and anti-gay policies. "I wish they would not carry (the ad)," a representative of a local labor group tells the Bay Area Reporter. "I think they are mistaken to do so." Executive editor Tim Redmond tells the Reporter that the Bay Guardian will run any ad that's "not libelous, obscene, or consumer fraud" -- with the exception of cigarette advertising, which it no longer accepts**. "If every ad met my political correctness test, there would be no ads in the paper and I would be out of a job," Redmond says. **UPDATE: Redmond says the Bay Area Reporter got one detail wrong; the Guardian still takes cigarette ads. And he says we missed his most important quote: "I drink only Bud Light."