Post-Katrina New Orleans Docs Aren't Too Hard to Find

Orlando Weekly | March 27, 2007
Powerful documentaries on post-Katrina New Orleans aren't too hard to find; with raw human drama inhabiting every corner of the city, only the most thick-skulled filmmaker could fail to produce a poignant portrait. That said, this DV-shot film captures an exceptionally pathos-rich tale. After the storm, in the absence of institutional assistance, grass-roots aid efforts cropped up all over, but the camp set up in one woman's backyard as a haven for some of the crazy city's craziest inhabitants -- drug addicts, transients, the mentally ill -- suffered far more than just governmental neglect. The personal dramas and tense struggles of the residents are moving, but the hostility they face from the powers-that-be is saddening in its bureaucratic predictability.

Orlando Weekly

In America's theme-park Mecca, Orlando Weekly recently explored these themes: How a private group of developers pulled the strings that directed public land-use policies. How a millionaire time-share mogul made his money selling bogus promises. How an annual Gay Day...
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