Post-Intelligencer Columnist Accuses The Stranger of Being 'PC Police'

september 28, 2006  07:31 am
"People who relish offensiveness to make a point are all for free speech -- so long as the speech doesn't offend them. This is a liberal hypocrisy," Robert L. Jamieson Jr. writes in his Seattle Post-Intelligencer column today. Jamieson is upset because a local nightclub canceled a show by reggae singer Buju Banton, whose lyrics contain references to killing homosexuals. (He was rescheduled at a different venue.) The outcry was "fueled in part by The Stranger, which loudly sounded the alarm on its blog after other city bloggers began a witch hunt," even though "the alternative weekly touts itself as a champion of free speech and a pusher of artistic envelopes," Jamieson argues. In a post on The Stranger's blog Tuesday, writer Eli Sanders responded to the paper's critics: "The Stranger is not the U.S. Supreme Court or the Seattle Police Department. We don’t interpret the Constitution and we don’t enforce its provisions. ... The First Amendment continues to exist despite Neumo’s cancelling of the Buju Banton show. Neumo’s still has the right to put on offensive shows if it wants to. We still have the right to put up blog posts about Buju Banton if we want to. And Buju Banton himself, if he really still believes in the urgency of an artistic message that includes glorifying anti-gay violence, can stand on the street in front of Neumo’s (or in any other public space) and shout that message as loud as he wants."