PBS Kneels to Alt-Weekly's 'Green God' Story

october 19, 2006  08:41 am
Bill Moyers' recent PBS special on environmentalism among progressive Christians seems to have roots in a progressive newspaper. "Is God Green?" aired Oct. 12, the Boise Weekly notes, nearly 10 months after it ran an article under the same title. Therein Jill Kuraitis wrote about Boise's Vineyard Christian Fellowship and their "green" pastor, Tri Robertson, who was preaching the gospel of good earth stewardship. The paper was soon fielding calls from PBS about Robertson and his faith-based conservation. During the program, Moyers talked to Idaho Statesman reporter Rocky Barker, who gave credit where credit was due: "The Boise Weekly, which is this kind of liberal, alternative weekly, did the first story on it."