Past and Future Dark for Haitian Tonton Refugee

january 7, 2002  10:23 am
Kathy Glasgow of Miami New Times interviews Marilese, who came to the United States in 1992 fleeing political violence in her Haitian homeland. Now she has three children, an uncertain place in the United States and a heart filled with dark memories. "Marilise's story of degradation, poverty, and fear begins to reveal a person who in some ways has been an innocent victim all her life, except there's really no such thing," Glasgow writes. "It's hardly inspirational. Perhaps it's allegorical, a story not too far removed from that of every other Haitian woman who ever came here on a boat, except in degrees of darkness. She tells it in a stream of consciousness, pouring out vignettes then suddenly skipping to a different incident years removed. It sounds too awful to have happened, but so do too many stories from Haiti."