Palo Alto Weekly Launches Apps for iPhone, Android

july 22, 2010  11:58 am
Palo Alto Weekly Launches Apps for iPhone, Android

Palo Alto Weekly launches "Palo Alto" apps for iPhone, Android

(Palo Alto, CA July 22, 2010) The Palo Alto Weekly and Palo Alto Online today announced mobile phone applications that will give iPhone and Android phone users unique access to Palo Alto news, sports and other local information and the ability to submit highly personalized news, photos and story tips.

The free applications (named "Palo Alto") are now available in the iTunes Store and Android Market. Applications for Apple iPad and Blackberry devices will be released soon, according to William Johnson, Palo Alto Weekly publisher and Embarcadero Media president.

The apps include real-time news and sports feeds from Palo Alto Online, as well as quick access to the Palo Alto Online Twitter feed and videos. Those who download the application will be able to see the same news and sports information, including photos, appearing on Palo Alto Online, but formatted specifically for the mobile phone and without needing to open a web browser.

In addition, a user can use the "360News" tool to submit anything from a breaking news item to a report of a pothole in the road to a video of their daughter's winning goal in a soccer match. Once approved, submitted material appears on the app, on Palo Alto Online and, where appropriate, on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, 360News and CNNireport sites with credit going to the user. The applications also feature push notifications to users for breaking news or special offers.

"The Palo Alto mobile applications will evolve and improve in the weeks ahead, but they already bring a level of interactivity and engagement that goes beyond the functionality offered in most mobile news applications," Johnson said.

The applications were developed by SachManya, a Silicon Valley start-up and creators of award-winning YAPPER (Your APP makER), an online, easy-to-use self-service mobile application maker, and 360News, an interactive geo-aware program that allows users to keep up with local news and submit and comment on news, photos and videos

When introduced earlier this year, YAPPER won the distinguished 2010 Macworld DEMO Best of Show award and showcased its revolutionary WYSIWYG app creation technology on the main stage.

"YAPPER is a platform for news organizations and other publishers to easily build mobile applications with rich functionality," said chief YAPPER and CEO of SachManya, Chintu Parikh. SachManya is based in Santa Clara and was founded by veterans of Yahoo!, Apple, Hewlett Packard, NeXT, Infosys and Wipro.

In minutes and without a single line of code, anyone can build their own native iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry mobile application starting at just $299. YAPPER is an end-to-end solution for publishers and includes many options, including in-app purchases, advertising support, analytics, app store submissions, publish under the company's account as well as relevant components such as crossword puzzles, horoscopes and more.

The Palo Alto Weekly and its parent company, Embarcadero Media, have long been pioneers in online publishing. It was the first newspaper in the United States to publish its contents on the Web in 1994, and has developed numerous online features, including local sports and real estate websites, video advertising, a popular community discussion forum (Town Square), a classified website (Fogster), and a daily e-edition distributed by email (Express).

For more information contact:

William Johnson, Publisher, Palo Alto Weekly 650.326.8210/

Nicole DeMeo, SachManya