Overdrawn and Unbelievable

Orlando Weekly | March 27, 2007
Big Star song appearance alert No. 2! Too bad it's in such an awful movie. Picking on those trapped in a stunted preadolescence -- toy collectors, train builders, comic-book nerds -- is as unfair as it is obvious, but the exaggerations that director David Munro employs to make action-figure geeks Alby and Elias seem ridiculous only make the characters overdrawn and unbelievable. (Why bother, when the real thing can be way stupider?) Co-produced by Alan Cumming, with appearances by Amy Sedaris and Debbie Harry, Full Grown Men finds the two 30-somethings responding to Alby's prelife crisis by going to "Diggityland." Hijinks ensue.

Orlando Weekly

In America's theme-park Mecca, Orlando Weekly recently explored these themes: How a private group of developers pulled the strings that directed public land-use policies. How a millionaire time-share mogul made his money selling bogus promises. How an annual Gay Day...
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