One Complaint May Lead to Phoenix New Times' Removal from Library

september 20, 2007  08:43 am
Larry Edwards has voiced his objections to the alt-weekly being available at a suburban Phoenix library branch shared by a high school, and now the Chandler Library Board will hear the details today, the Arizona Republic reports. Library manager Brenda Brown said Edwards "questioned the appropriateness of the alternative newspaper's advertisements and articles for teenagers." Brown tells New Times' Stephen Lemons that this is the first complaint against the paper she's heard in the three years she's worked at the library. "New Times is nearly ubiquitous in this part of the world," Lemons writes. "And if the Chandler book-barn bows to what one local gum-smacker has to say, it's gonna make Chandler look like a town full of first-class hayseeds." Also on the Library Board's indecency agenda: a children's book about a racing sperm, a fairy tale DVD narrated by Robin Williams, and George Carlin's audiobook When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? A decision from the Board isn't expected until November.