One Chain Restauranteur on Why He Uses Alt-Weeklies to Hire GMs

july 2, 2008  12:33 pm
The trade magazine Chain Leader talks to a number of "upstart operators" of chain food businesses, who "share their tactics for recruiting and retaining general managers as they grow." Matt Phillips, the founder, president and CEO of California-based Blendz, says he buys ads in the center of alt-weeklies to find GMs. "It does a dual purpose. It obviously is branding, whether it's an offer or a special that you're promoting," he explains. "But it also gives you the ability to say 'Now hiring. Looking for great people.' And it's in a unique position in the newspaper that people aren't necessarily expecting it, but everybody is looking at because they're looking at what to do that weekend or where's the new hot restaurant to go to."