Nikki Finke Pours Salt in Hollywood's Wounds

june 28, 2006  08:29 am
"Finke's prickly distrust for (figures of authority) practically borders on disrespect, if not outright disdain," writes Jon Friedman, who also says "nobody writes tougher stuff than this L.A. Weekly scribe." Finke says she's different than other reporters who cover the movie industry because she focuses on business, not celebrity, and because she could care less about what Tinseltown royalty thinks of her: "I write mean -- end of story. I'm unapologetic about it - end of story. I watch out for the shareholders -- end of story." UPDATE: Finke responds on her blog that Friedman "wouldn’t have dared write an article like this about a male business journalist working for a mainstream newspaper." She also accuses him of attributing his own statements to her and printing her off-the-record remarks.