New Owner of New York Press Announces Changes

august 3, 2007  04:25 pm
In an interview with the New York Observer, Manhattan Media president and CEO Tom Allon says his new paper will no longer accept any "explicit" advertising. "We're probably kissing away about a million dollars a year in revenue," Allon says. "We're not making a moral or puritanical decision. We just believe in the long term, it's not best for the publication." Allon also announced that the Press's weekly circulation will be cut by approximately 50 percent, to 50,000, and that a Brooklyn edition of the paper will be introduced after Labor Day. He also tells the Observer that The Press will now be classified as an "independent" paper. "I've told all the people in the office that 'alternative' is a four letter word," he says, dubbing it "very '70's."