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Position Available at Raw Story
Posted October 15, 2020
Type of Position: Permanent Full-Time
Who we are & what we’ve done: With 15 million monthly unique readers, Raw Story is the largest independent U.S. progressive news site. Born in 2004, we’re known for our fast-paced breaking news reporting on political events. Current focus areas include Trump, police brutality, the intersection of religion and politics, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The backbone of our coverage exposes hypocrisy and injustice; at our founding, Raw Story exposed gay members of Congress who voted against gay rights. Recently, we’ve produced original reports on the alt-right and underreported controversies of the Trump Administration. We also produce content in partnership with Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston’s DC Report. Raw Story CEO John Byrne is an investor in The Plug, and the founder of Prevention 305, a Florida nonprofit linking Latinx immigrants to PrEP. Raw Story Publisher Roxanne Cooper sits on the Board of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and is a veteran of LA Weekly, AlterNet, and Stars & Stripes. Where we'd like to go: We’re looking for a visionary investigative news editor who can help make Raw Story the first stop for racial and social justice journalism, someone who can produce insightful original reporting that goes beyond stereotypes and typical media tropes. You’ll build a team of freelancers and reporters focused on racial and social justice and receive a travel budget to allow for investigations nationwide. Raw Story has a broad reach across Facebook, Flipboard, Smart News, Twitter, and Google, typically reaching about a million Americans a day. Your vision and reporting will instantly be seen by a huge, national audience. The successful candidate will shape the genesis of Raw Story’s social justice reporting effort in collaboration with the Publisher and CEO. The goal will be to produce original, deep-dive reporting highlighting systemic, structural injustice across the United States that is fresh, concise, and attentive to social media. The editor will be expected to do some reporting, typically one piece each week, and edit/produce four other pieces weekly. The Culture: Raw Story is a small company with a fast-paced, collaborative newsroom. With fifteen employees, there’s lots of room for standout journalism. All of our employees work from home and receive generous healthcare and retirement benefits. Our investigative news editor will work outside the breaking news grind and develop a parallel team focused on delivering daily think pieces and deep dives. You’ll have wide latitude to dig deep into the layers of America’s present crisis and share the stories of those who aren’t given enough voice by today’s mainstream press. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll largely have independent editorial control of your team. Raw Story is carbon balanced, and offsets its servers, our home office electricity usage, and corporate travel, through 3Degrees. Our 2019-2020 efforts included support for a fuel-switching project and clean cookstoves for households in India. Who You Are: You’re a proven leader with a keen sense of editorial judgment and a passion for justice and truth-telling. You’re as adept at sniffing out a story as you are helping a reporter shape theirs. Most important, you have a distinguished track record in the community, with the ability to build substantive and important relationships that help aid you in information gathering and staying on the pulse of the most pressing issues communities and their residents are facing and discussing. You’re a writer and editor who can inspire people and create the groundwork for highly valuable and noteworthy news. We want to hear what you’re inspired by, and what you view as your life’s mission. We also want to hear about your commitment to the community, work you’ve done in and outside of journalism. Tell us about your experience leading and managing a team, full-time or freelance employees, and how you empower your team to build and capture audience commitment and loyalty. Mention successes of your work on social, on Facebook, Twitter, and other media and your personal social media strategy. You’ll be charged with making sure your work, and that of your writers is seen. Along with your resume, please also include links to three to five stories you’ve broken and anything that you feel demonstrates your commitment to social justice. What You Get When You Join the Team Competitive salary 15 PTO days Gold healthcare/vision/dental plan (employee contribution $60/month) 3% employer 401k contribution + 2% match Freelance/reporting budget for 2 full-time-equivalent reporting positions Ability to chart your own course, with a travel budget for you/your team to break the news you find most significant Guidance and coaching from former NYT reporter David Cay Johnston and WSJ Editor David Crook Conference travel budget for career growth opportunities Ability to be Raw Story’s face or have your team on MSNBC/other television Potential additional Report for America position to further grow your team You can applay for this position at Submittable:
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