More on FOIA Reform Bill & Senator Jon Kyl's Hold

july 23, 2007  10:25 am
"Senator Kyl agrees that FOIA needs to be modernized, though the bill in its current form has a series of unintended consequences that need to be repaired," the senator's press secretary Ryan Patmintra explains to the New York Times. As we've reported previously, Sen. Kyl (R-AZ) is the one person standing in the way of the passage of the OPEN Government Act of 2007, which would reform the way government agencies respond to FOIA requests. Last month, Cox News Service reported that the bill was in a "legislative black hole" due to Kyl's hold. "Don't expect a huge uproar if the bill doesn't make it. With an election coming, data secrecy isn't the sexiest issue," writes the Times' David Carr. "But many of those 'Holy cow' newspaper articles you read have their roots in the banal bureaucracy of government information." AAN encourages you to help get these important FOIA reforms passed -- to learn how, click here.