Metroland Columnist Was Preparing to Die

february 1, 2005  05:32 pm
Tom Nattell, 52, an alt-weekly contributor and lifelong activist, succumbed to cancer on Tuesday. "By day, he worked most of his adulthood as a research scientist," reads an Albany Times Union article that preceded his death. "Nights and weekends, [he] was tear-gassed, arrested and imprisoned" for standing on "the front lines of seemingly every issue of social justice that washed up the Hudson." Given only months to live, he was "keeping a daily journal, practicing yoga, e-mailing friends, railing against President Bush" and finding peace where he could. In his most recent column for Metroland, Nattell wrote: "This column . . . has provided some solace for me during these recent difficulties, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to share my thoughts with you over the years."