Media Oxpecker: June 14, 2013

june 14, 2013  12:30 pm
Every week we round up media news you may have missed while you were busy finding the best liquor store in Miami.
  • A new Pew Research Center report says that the number of nonprofit news outlets is growing in the U.S., but that the long-term viability of these outlets is uncertain:
    The report finds that large, often one-time seed grants from foundations help many of these nonprofit news outlets get up and running. But as those grants expire, many organizations do not have the resources or expertise necessary for the business tasks needed to broaden the funding base.

  • The nonprofit ProPublica launched five years ago this week. The Nieman Journalism Lab looks back on the site's first five years, and the future of nonprofit journalism.

  • Local mobile ad spending is expected to double in 2013.

  • Former Tumblr editor-in-chief Chris Mohney on why it's important for the editorial side of the house to "understand how the other half lives":
    Intimately understanding the business of media from an editorial perspective — whatever media you care to pursue — is a survival strategy ignored at your peril. If you don't learn how to manage the business side editorially, the business side will dictate the fate of editorial without any input from you … If you can't speak their language, if you can't interpret their metrics, and if you can't grasp their motivations, then you'll have no counter-argument when revenue shortfalls mean those sponsored stories suddenly get a lot more attractive to management.

  • In a post revisiting the topic of "dark social," Atlantic Digital editor Bob Cohn says even the analytics team doesn't know where 25 percent of the visitors to are coming from.

  • Why BuzzFeed never delivers the same web page twice.

  • AdAge named the best and worst cities for newspapers based on readership percentage. Pittsburgh took top honors, while Atlanta ranked lowest.

  • By creating a free advertising account on Twitter, users can now access an analytics dashboard that measures the success of individual tweets, new follows, and unfollows. Here's how to do it.

  • Sara Morrison checks in with the social media editors of three smaller markets on how they see their roles in the community and in the newsroom.

  • And finally, Washington City Paper bids a fond farewell to the Washington Examiner ... and its insane front pages.

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