Mark Hanzlik

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Executive Director: Alternative Weekly Network
Mark Hanzlik is the Executive Director of the Alternative Weekly Network and CEO of Hanzlik Media, a Sacramento-based media firm that has provided the back office sales support, processing and billing for all advertising placed through AWN since 1993. Prior to starting Hanzlik Media, Hanzlik served as a media director for various advertising agencies and media placement firms in San Francisco and Seattle including ACG Media. Hanzlik started his ad career in 1978 at Ross Stores, a chain of off-price retail stores. Before joining Ross' Advertising Department, Hanzlik edited several publications in Northern California.

Hanzlik is also a Macintosh-devotee, video editor and collector of all sorts of useless products. He has developed various digital initiatives for alt media web sites and continues to spearhead new marketing efforts for AWN.