Lloyd Dangle

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Troubletown Cartoonist, Syndication Chief, and Ink Manager: Troubletown
Lloyd Dangle is the creator of the weekly comic strip, Troubletown, which was first published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian in 1988 and has grown to become a widely syndicated cartoon feature in the alternative press.

An illustrator, writer, and cartoonist, he drew his first political cartoons for Michael Moore’s (Bowling for Columbine) muckraking newspaper, the Michigan Voice. In addition to newsweeklies, his works have appeared in over 100 publications of every type, from the crusty, corporate mainstream to the bleeding, subcommercial edge. Dangle also illustrated the packaging for Airborne, the number-one-selling cold remedy in America!

He lives in Oakland, California with his wife, Hae Yuon Kim, and their son, Oscar. Contact Lloyd Dangle at (510) 985-0391

AltWeekly Awards

2011 Illustration, 1st Place (Circulation Below 50000) by Lloyd Dangle and Jim Nintzel