Kansas City Auditor Reprimanded for Photo and Comments in The Pitch

april 28, 2006  08:10 am
City Auditor Mark Funkhouser and Mayor Kay Barnes have been at odds over economic policies, according to The Kansas City Star, but the tension reached a new exteme when Barnes formally reprimanded Funkhouser for giving "the appearance of inappropriately assisting a mayoral candidate" in the pages of The Pitch. A photo published by The Pitch showed Funkhouser meeting on March 8 with Stanford Glazer, who subsequently declared his candidacy for mayor. Funkhouser was also quoted as saying he would like a mayor "who can wrestle with the city’s financial problems and be open and honest with the citizens on the choices we face," but he did not name a specific candidate. The reprimand is the first Funkhouser has received in his 30-year career, but he "has come close to being fired at least three times in the past 18 years because he speaks bluntly and rarely has good news about city government's performance," according to the Star.