Jules Feiffer: 'I Wouldn't Have Been a Cartoonist' Without the Voice

july 21, 2008  12:00 pm
The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist spoke with Brian Heater from the Daily Cross Hatch blog after a recent event celebrating the release of Explainers, a hardbound volume of the early Village Voice strips that first put Feiffer on the map. He talked about how hard it was to get his work published in the 1950s. "The political times were essentially not friendly to satire. This was just after Joe McCarthy, and there was still a very oppressive atmosphere, particularly in terms of what the media was and wasn't willing to print," Feiffer says. "The Voice, as it appeared, was the one independent newspaper that was likely to run me, if anyone was going to run me. If The Voice wasn't going to run me, I would have run out of choices and would have had to do something else with my life."