Jonathan Gold: Pulitzer-Winner ... and High-School Bully Victim

october 3, 2007  08:44 am
"Every high school has its nerdy soft kid who brings his cello to class, and that would have been me," the L.A. Weekly food critic tells This American Life's Ira Glass. He talks about one particular bully who picked on him quite a bit: "In my most notable instance, I was walking down the hall to history class, and he hip-checked me ... I went sailing down the stairs with my cello," Gold says. "He was laughing about it with his friends. I suspect he forgot about it five minutes later. I didn't." Years later, Gold says he felt vindicated when that same bully -- Jack Abramoff -- became a criminal felon, his corruption case splashed on front pages across the country. "It's just beautiful; it's more than I could have wished for," he says. "Who wouldn't feel satisfied that he was getting his comeuppance?" An Abramoff spokesman denies the incident: "Mr. Abramhoff does not know Mr. Gold and he has no idea why Mr. Gold would fabricate such a story."