How Anthony Bourdain Almost Launched His Career in an Alt-Weekly

march 3, 2009  09:35 am
How Anthony Bourdain <i>Almost</i> Launched His Career in an Alt-Weekly
At an event in Santa Barbara last week, the host of the Travel Channel program No Reservations touched on his early brush with journalism in New York City. Bourdain said that the first piece he ever sold was to the New York Press, but it was never published. "Week after week after week I kept getting bumped," he said. "And in some moment of drunken hubris I called up [the Press] and was like, 'Fuck you man! I'm pulling the article. I'm going to the New Yorker.'" The New Yorker ran the piece, and as the Santa Barbara Independent puts it, "from there, it was a quick hop to best seller list status and worldwide fame."