Gawker: Why Won't Alt-Weeklies Try To Win On The Internet?

december 11, 2007  01:07 pm
"Does firing real journalists actually cut costs?," asks Choire Sicha in the wake of last week's editorial layoffs at the two newest Creative Loafing papers. "A look at any newspaper's most popular stories suggests the most obvious thing of all: That reporting actually makes money for newspapers. ... So why does the Chicago Reader think ditching the asset of news will bring them profitability?" He thinks that there's "no reason" alt-weeklies can't own local web traffic, and that will in turn bring a more stable financial picture, but is dismayed to see that not happening. "So far, the owners' response to financial crisis seems to be: Devote fewer staff to both web and print and squawk a lot, which is just stupid," Sicha writes.