Four More AAN Papers Join SelectAlternatives

november 18, 2009  11:09 am
NOW Magazine, Boise Weekly, Monterey County Weekly and Mountain Xpress are the latest AAN papers to choose the SelectAlternatives local personals/dating software for their websites. Twenty-seven AAN papers are now using SelectAlternatives.

AAN publishers are increasingly seeing the value of creating online communities. The SelectAlternatives software enables them to create and build a hyper-local community of active single readers.

The paper's staff uses the software to create their own, branded site with user profile questions that speak to their local scene. The paper can add new user profile questions on the fly as well as instantly update the text on their site. Papers are highlighting their restaurant, movie, arts and calendar content on their personals site and driving users back to the AAN paper's main website.

In addition to generating revenue from users, AAN papers are able to sell advertising and sponsorships on their SelectAlternatives sites.

Based on the most recent 30 day report using Google Analytics, the SelectAlternatives sites generated 6.47 million pageviews. On average, users visited 15.5 pages per visit. The bounce rate was only 17.3% and, on average, users spent eight minutes on the sites.

For more information about SelectAlternatives, please contact Andy Sutcliffe.

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