Forums Available: Tracking Gambit Staffers, Talking Strategy

september 2, 2005  12:53 pm
Since the scope of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina first became apparent, AAN members have been steadily contacting the association's home office with offers of assistance -- financial and otherwise -- for their colleagues at Gambit Weekly.

To facilitate the process of getting the paper's displaced employees the help they need, we must first track them down. If you're a Gambit Weekly staff member or if you have been in contact with a Gambit Weekly staff member since New Orleans' evacuation, please post to this forum with any relevant contact information or status reports. (Note: Please use this board only for the above purpose. If you'd like to leave a message for Gambit staffers or make a general posting, use the below forum.)

This forum is for general discussion of Hurricane Katrina and its aftereffects. Use it to extend well wishes or offers of support for Gambit employees, to coordinate storm-related editorial or relief efforts with fellow AAN members or to discuss the tragedy.

To post to the forums, you need to register and choose a password first, even if you already have a password you use to log onto and To do this, click on "Register" in the upper left-hand corner of the page. For instructions about using the forums, click on "FAQ."