Esquire Explores Real Identity of Author Exposed by L.A. Weekly

april 28, 2006  12:20 pm
Esquire, which published Nasdijj's first feature story in 1999, issues a "correction" and a profile of Tim Barrus, aka Nasdijj, in its May issue. (Available here to Esquire subscribers.) The magazine gives plenty of credit to L.A. Weekly, which broke the story of Nasdijj's true identity in the Jan. 23 article "Navahoax," calling it "an excellent report" that "created a small sensation." Esquire confirms the details of "Navahoax" and fills in some of the blanks, such as ascertaining that Barrus did have a son with developmental problems named Tommy, as he described in that first Esquire essay, but the details of Tommy's relationship with Barrus "are almost the opposite" of what appeared in the magazine in 1999.