Emily Flake Talks About Cartooning and Her Creative Process

july 24, 2008  10:30 am
In a Q&A with The New Yorker's Cartoon Lounge blog, Flake, whose "Lulu Eightball" strip appears in many AAN papers and who also does spot illustrations for alts, says that, yes, Emily Flake is her real name. "All too real, my friend, all too real," she says. When asked to describe her typical day, she does thusly: "Drawing, pen chewing, staring into space, brooding, looking at websites of superior illustrators and dying a little inside, losing at computer solitaire, some more drawing, venturing out for coffee, seeing if a cigarette helps things along (things being 'ideas,' not 'fatal diseases,' God willing), some desultory fumblings at the Y, some more drawing and staring, dinner, lots of knitting, staring at the ceiling, merciful sleep."