Dimension Films Acquires Book by Ark. Times Writer

may 15, 2006  07:31 pm
According to a Variety article (reposted on Arkansas Times' blog), Contributing Editor Mara Leveritt's 2002 book Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three will be adapted into a film by Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman, the makers of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Leveritt told radio station KUAR she wasn't worried that the filmmakers' horror-movie background would result in a sensationalized version of her investigation into three teens who were convicted of murder with little hard evidence. "The documentation that's in the book will serve to allow a lot of very accurate representation of the story and of the facts of the story that I reported, so I think it's going to be pretty much a journalistic effort transferred to film," she said.