Digital Content Editor

Position Available at Metro Times
Posted April 1, 2018
Type of Position: Permanent Full-Time
The Digital Content Editor will work directly under the Editor/and or Director of Digital Content Strategy to develop, define, and maintain the publication’s digital presence, quality, and consistency across a variety of platforms, including blogs, feature stories, slideshows, event listings, social media posts, e-newsletters, etc, with special attention given to driving increased traffic and brand visibility. Responsibilities will include editing, creating content, analyzing data and responding appropriately, overseeing publication’s social media presence. This role will oversee a diverse team of staff, interns, and freelance contributors. A successful Digital Content Editor will combine their tech savvy with a passion to create and share meaningful material.

This role entails the following expectations, but is not limited to:

• Contributing original content to the publication’s blogs and slideshows. It is expected that a minimum of 3-5 daily blog posts and 1 photo gallery are created and posted per week
• Managing and encouraging staff and freelance contributors to provide daily supply of material to keep website and social media presence fresh, increase return traffic, and conveys true voice and tone of publication
• Collaborate with Marketing, Sales, and Promotions staff to coordinate the posting of their digital content
• Ensure staff and freelance contributors meet deadlines and maintain focus of assignments
• Check content for accuracy and ensure in compliance with copyright and privacy regulations
• Address any web, social media, and blogging issues experienced by staff in a timely fashion
• Edit copy for ease of reading on website page or convert longer content to a format
• Modify content so that it is easy to view on mobile or tablet screens
• Interpreting and adjusting print feature stories and headlines for digital audiences
• Uploading weekly print issue onto web
• Aggressive use and management of the magazines’ social media accounts and monitoring social engagement to promote content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites
• Adjusting the content and its placement on the site in response to real-time analytics; includes adding/removing content
• Adding digital components to print features for digital audiences (related slideshows, blog posts, etc.)
• Monitoring the website and social media for quality control—correcting links, typos and formatting errors
• Performance reporting from Google analytics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis formally and informally: continual communication is a must
• Compiling and/or editing weekly e-newsletters at least 3 times/week
• Implementing SEO practices for all digital content, including Google AMP compatibility for all stories
• Develop strategies for generating meaningful content that garners a high volume of visits, and encourages awareness and excitement around the publication. Content typically includes written news articles, video interviews and behind-the-scenes features, podcast discussions, and a variety of embedded games or other interactive apps.
• Maintaining the publication’s online archive and video library; tracking and recording of staff’s blogging on a daily basis
• Achieving pageview, unique visitor, and other monthly goals set by the publisher
• Working with staff to create 2-3 Facebook Live videos per week
• Updating the magazine’s Google Page site on a weekly basis

• Add print stories to web site on as-needed basis
• Working with Art Director to ensure adequate and appropriate graphics/visual representation available for stories on the web
• Brainstorm and solicit feedback from other departments/staff regarding topics and generating discussions for the web

Planning Activities:
• Weekly planning with editorial staff to locate galleries and blogs and online-only content that enhances what has been planned for an issue
• Seasonality appropriate content for holidays, seasons, special issues, etc.
• Planning of daily and weekly blogs that can help create patterns that draw people to the site on a regular basis (five for Friday, Monday morning quarterbacking, etc).

Problem-Solving Activities:
• Plan for achieving performance objectives
• Addressing issues with CMS/blogging system as needed
• How to best present information in a web-friendly format
• Traffic generation in slow times of week/year

Job Complexity:
• Supervision
• Analyzing data to make best decisions
• Recruiting and developing staff and interns
• High attention to detail in a fast-paced environment

The skills/behaviors required to be successful in this role are:

• Excellent writing and editing skills, with an understanding of the special requirements of writing for the web, such as the use of keywords, hyperlinks, navigation, and the importance of brevity
• Superior spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills
• Outstanding attention to detail
• Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively and collaboratively with direct reports, contributors, other internal departments, and the public responding to posts
• Strong organizational skills
• Strong online traffic analytical skills enabling adjustment of content production based on site performance and traffic patterns
• Excellent leadership skills
• Moderate proficiency with MS Office suite
• Moderate proficiency with InDesign
• Familiarity and working knowledge of basic HTML and CSS
• Familiarity and working knowledge of content management systems, such as Foundation, WordPress, Drupal, and Tumblr
• Strong understanding of industry best practices
• Social media savvy and ability to effectively plan, share, and distribute content through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit)
• Proven success generating increased traffic in social media
• Ability to recruit, manage, and develop staff and freelance digital contributors
• Thorough knowledge of the geographic area’s alternative social scenes and media outlets (or an enthusiasm to learn more)
• Passion for new technology
• Ability to work remotely if needed

• Adobe Creative Suite skills a major plus
• Working knowledge of utilizing Google Docs and Analytics
• Troubleshoot CMS/blogging system issues
• Ability to work under pressure
• Basic understanding of marketing and journalism fundamentals


•Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, English, or Mass Communications
• Social Media utilization of Facebook, Twitter, and other media websites

• Training in the use of video editing and production equipment
Training in the use of audio production


• 2+ years online production experience at a media company
• 2-5 years full-time editorial experience
• 2 years+ experience managing media or communications website and/or social media accounts
• Background in journalism and/or communications

• Previous work in a marketing or publishing
• Social Media Manager experience
• Professional experience blogging
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