Dan Savage: If You Want a Media Job, Be Prepared to Work for Free

february 4, 2010  09:14 am
"I hear all the time from people who are just starting out who want media careers, who want to be writers, who want to broadcast," The Stranger editor and "Savage Love" columnist says in an appearance on the Too Beautiful To Live podcast. "Then the next thing out of their mouth, when they're applying for jobs, is that they need $60,000-$70,000 a year. I laugh and look at them and say 'The first three years that I did the column I got nothing." Savage adds: "There's no job in media for anyone anymore who isn't willing to do it for free at the outset." You can listen to the entire show, where Savage discusses everything from Dr. Drew to monetizing his "Savage Love" podcast, here (Savage comes on in the second half).