Dan Pulcrano

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CEO / Executive Editor: Metro Silicon Valley
Executive Editor and CEO: Metro Newspapers
Dan Pulcrano started working for the alternative press before he had a driver's license, working the beach communities of San Diego for the Reader on a ten-speed bicycle at age 16. At the time he was taking courses in the journalism department of San Diego City College, where Cameron Crowe of Almost Famous fame attended college. Unlike Crowe, he did not marry a rock star.
Dan later worked for the Santa Cruz Independent and the Santa Barbara News and Review, and was recruited by Jay Levin to help start the LA Weekly. Since it was not yet publishing, his principal job there was receiving rolls of photocomposition galleys handed out the back door of Hustler magazine, where the prototype issue was being surreptitiously typeset. After receiving his Journalism degree at University of California at Santa Cruz, he went on to found the Los Gatos Weekly and Metro Silicon Valley. Later, Metro Newspapers expanded with Santa Cruz Weekly (formerly Metro Santa Cruz) and purchased the Sonoma County Independent. The Independent was rebranded North Bay Bohemian when it expanded its distribution area to include Napa and Marin Counties. In 2014, the Metro group purchased Good Times and folded in the operations of the Santa Cruz Weekly. Dan formerly served as AAN's First Amendment chair, where he was active in opposing legislation to restrict free speech on the Internet. He brought the first report to the board about a phenomenon called "online" and encouraged the association to get active with digital media. As a step in that direction, he registered the domain name aan.org at his own cost, which the board didn't see much use for initially. He also served on the three-member committee that hired the association's first executive director, Richard Karpel. Richard, luckily, had heard of the Internet, and saw some value in having an Internet site. Dan, meanwhile, spends a lot of time on the net, developing a network of city guides owned by Metro's subsidiary, Boulevards New Media.