Dallas Observer Editor Speaks Out on Evangelical Beliefs

september 22, 2006  02:47 pm
Dallas Observer Editor Julie Lyons revealed last week in her new "Bible Girl" blog that she is against gay marriage: "In my profession and in my sphere -- the alternative press -- gay marriage is pretty much a non-issue. Anyone who opposes it -- in other words, someone who holds an alternative view -- is considered a bigot, a hater and a homophobe," Lyons wrote. This week, she divulges in another column-length post that in earlier years she had an "almost overwhelming attraction for other girls" that "had nothing to do with sex," but she has now been happily married to a man for 16 years. "Love her or hate her for it, it's fearless stuff," blogs Dallas Morning News section editor Rod Dreher. "And considering how conformist media circles are, even as they congratulate themselves on their freethinking ways, admirably courageous."