Creative Loafing (Charlotte) Wins Top Honors

Awards go out to two writers

march 3, 2008  08:31 am
Creative Loafing (Charlotte) Wins Top Honors
Creative Loafing (Charlotte) is proud to announce that two of our writers have received top honors in the 2007 North Carolina Press Association News, Editorial and Photojournalism Contest.

In the category of News Feature Writing, staff writer Karen Shugart won for her cover story "Casualities of War."

Read the full story here.

In the category of Lighter Columns, columnist John Grooms won based on three selections from his weekly "Boomer With Attitude" column.

Read the full stories here:
"Mommy, can I stone the queer now?" "Overkill? What overkill?"
"Do it yourself campaign ads."

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