Comedy Ensues During Post-Zombie-Apocolypse Life

Orlando Weekly | March 26, 2007
What do you get when you cross a zombie flick with a 50s-set allegory about conformity and the military-industrial complex? One of the funniest movies in this year's Florida Film Festival. The Zombie Wars have ended and, thanks to the revolutionary work done by a company called ZomCon, the United States has been separated into halcyon suburbs and "wild zones." You can guess where the zombies live, but you'd be wrong. While "wild" zombies do roam freely outside the high fences of civilization, in those quaint neighborhoods, the lawns are mowed, the milk delivered and grunt work is done by zombies controlled by electro-shock collars built (and monitored) by ZomCon. You'd think that the sight gag of a zombie serving (and dropping) a roast or clumsily hurling a newspaper into the bushes would get old fast. But thanks to an enormously witty script that's part Frankenstein, part Lassie episode, and strong comedic performances by Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker and Billy Connolly (as the titular zombie) as well as surprisingly high production values, Fido is genuinely and uniquely funny.

Orlando Weekly

In America's theme-park Mecca, Orlando Weekly recently explored these themes: How a private group of developers pulled the strings that directed public land-use policies. How a millionaire time-share mogul made his money selling bogus promises. How an annual Gay Day...
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