Catch Him if you Can: A short dive into the bottom of Steven Spielberg

Orlando Weekly | July 5, 2007
The Turner Classic Movies documentary Spielberg on Spielberg has two strikes against it from the very start, and they’re both right there in the title. To begin with, there’s limited value in having any artist handicap his or her own work; too often, he or she ends up displaying a blithe unawareness of failings everybody else has long since spotted. And intellectual rigor isn’t a quality one would automatically associate with Steven Spielberg, who has no serious challengers to his status as cinema history’s most monetarily successful middlebrow.

Orlando Weekly

In America's theme-park Mecca, Orlando Weekly recently explored these themes: How a private group of developers pulled the strings that directed public land-use policies. How a millionaire time-share mogul made his money selling bogus promises. How an annual Gay Day...
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