C-Ville Weekly, The Inlander Among '10 Newspapers That Do It Right'

march 2, 2016  11:30 am
C-Ville Weekly, The Inlander Among '10 Newspapers That Do It Right'
Tony O. Champagne
Editor & Publisher named C-Ville Weekly (Charlottesville, Va.) and The Inlander (Spokane, Wash.) among its list of "10 Newspapers That Do It Right," an annual feature which highlights newspapers that are finding success with audience, digital and new revenue ideas.

C-Ville Weekly was recognized for using live video and multimedia projects to engage with its audience. “We saw an eye-popping response from our readers in regard to several of our online initiatives and stories this year,” said Publisher Aimee Atteberry, “Which renewed our goal of producing print and web content that not only speaks to each other but furthers the conversation between the two.”

The Inlander received praise for its emphasis on local partnerships and “operating with a start-up mentality.”
“One way we have been able to grow is by expanding our financial footprint through partnerships with other businesses, enabling us to grow expertise while also limiting our exposure during times of experimentation,” said editor Jacob Fries. “Everything’s a test case. Rather than investing wholeheartedly into new, untested areas…we are able to dip our toes into something new, and see how it fits with our mission and revenue goals.”

Fries said experimentation can come at a cost, but to be successful, it’s important for newspapers to take risks.

“Ultimately, utilizing a start-up mentality has forced us to question everything, rather than simply allowing momentum and we-have-always-done-it-this-way thinking to win the day,” he said.