Boulder Weekly Turns 15, Prints Biggest Issue Ever

august 15, 2008  12:57 pm
"It's been quite a ride at the helm of this wacky ship," writes publisher Stewart Sallo in this week's 15th-anniversary issue. "We've sailed through uncharted waters as the only weekly ever to succeed in Boulder, Colo., despite many serious obstacles throughout the years." Sallo notes that despite the "well-publicized woes of the newspaper industry," the Weekly is "riding an unprecedented wave of growth," which he largely chalks up to the purchase of the Colorado Daily by E.W. Scripps Co., which also owns another Boulder paper, the Camera. "Much like any other corporate-consolidation effort, this event created a more formidable, unified competitor for us, which caused the problem-solving minds at the Weekly to dig deeper in search of a strategy that would keep our ship sailing smoothly."