Boise Weekly Names New Editor

may 30, 2008  11:02 am
Boise Weekly Names New Editor
After a year leading the Boise Weekly's editorial team, Shea Andersen is headed out.

"I knew it was time to go when the office coffee maker died," Andersen said.

Andersen started with the Boise Weekly in 2006 as news editor, and became editor of the paper one year ago. He is leaving to work at a newspaper that does not feature a cartoon devoted to making fun of idle chatter overheard in the offices of Boise.

"Although we are sad that Shea is leaving Boise Weekly, we support his pursuit to continue his journalistic dreams and career goals," said Boise Weekly publisher Sally Freeman.

The good news is that Rachael Daigle, a stalwart staff writer and editor at the Boise Weekly for more than five years, will take the helm of Idaho's only alternative newsweekly.

"Rachael knows what we are about and understands what needs to be done to move Boise Weekly forward," Freeman said. "I am very excited about our future with her leading our editorial team."

The Boise Weekly is now in its 16th year and recently won several top awards in the Idaho Press Club’s annual journalism competition.

"In the last year, Shea took BW to a whole new level," said Daigle. "We've gained valuable ground in the community, we've become one of the state's top-quality news organizations, and we've reinvented our arts coverage. I'm thrilled to be in a position to build on what he's accomplished ... So long as the coffee maker continues to work."

Daigle and Freeman announced the hiring of Nathaniel Hoffman as BW news editor and Tara Morgan as staff writer.