Boise Faux-Alt Ceases to Exist

july 11, 2007  08:07 am
The McClatchy-owned and Idaho Statesman-operated free weekly known as Thrive (nee Thr!ve) has printed its last issue, New West Boise reports. Thrive editor David Parker and some staffers will remain at the Statesman, he says in a farewell note. Thrive, which competed with AAN member Boise Weekly, began in October 2002 as one of a few tests in different markets by Gannett (the paper's original owner), which wanted to see if such faux-alts could flourish, according to New West. MORE: Boise Weekly offers its take on Thrive's demise: "No more fun, fun, fun articles about local sports enthusiasts. Gone are the always-positive restaurant advertorials."