Blogger Criticized by Nashville Scene Resigns From Day Job

april 17, 2006  06:18 am
Bill Hobbs, a popular conservative blogger and a former reporter for the Tennessean, posted a crude cartoon of Muhammad holding a bomb in late February, during the height of the Danish cartoon controversy. Reporter John Spragens targeted the post in an April 13 Nashville Scene article, calling it "sophomoric," "misguided" and "better suited for the Duke lacrosse team than the modern Republican Party." The local blogosphere quickly lit up with attacks and counterattacks, most notably former Scene contributor Roger Abramson calling Spragens' article "a singularly nasty piece of writing" that is "more suited to a blog than a respectable newspaper." On Friday, Hobbs announced he was resigning from his day job at Belmont University's marketing and communications department in "an amicable and mutual parting of the ways," the AP reports.