Orlando Weekly | June 12, 2008
I’ve often wondered out loud to myself while naked and submerged in the warmth of my bubbly decompression chamber, “Self, how many times does the shampoo mean when it says in somewhat uncertain terms, ‘Lather. Rinse. Repeat’?” Two times borders on half-yawned monotony. Six times starts to burn a little, while psychologically producing a mechanical sense of beauty slavery. But 17 times? That’s enough to make you old, make you lose your hair, quite possibly make you drip down the drain in a self-inflicted goo of bloody foam. Do. Not. Want.

Orlando Weekly

In America's theme-park Mecca, Orlando Weekly recently explored these themes: How a private group of developers pulled the strings that directed public land-use policies. How a millionaire time-share mogul made his money selling bogus promises. How an annual Gay Day...
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