Bay Guardian Web Site Goes Down - Republican Conspiracy or Devil's Work?

june 7, 2006  08:25 am
In addition to having the much-discussed date of 6/6/06, yesterday was election day in California, but the San Francisco Bay Guardian's endorsements and coverage weren't available online for part of the day. Visitors to instead received an error message. On Daily Kos, blogger WonkyDonkey suggested that Republicans might have been behind the crash: "Am I just being too paranoid? Or is such paranoia well-justified given the measures we have seen Republicans will go to in order to win elections and subvert democracy?" The staff at the Bay Guardian quickly managed to get an election-day blog up on the site, but according to a post by Executive Editor Tim Redmond, the cause of the service failure was still unclear. "Maybe someone local who didn't want our endorsements available" was behind it, he wrote, or "maybe it's just one of those things; maybe it's ... SATAN!"