At Comic-Con, Matt Groening Rips San Diego Reader

july 28, 2008  09:11 am
As he's been doing for, "like, 15 years," the Simpsons creator and cartoonist behind the "Life in Hell" comic criticized the Reader while in San Diego for Comic-Con. The strip, which runs in LA Weekly and other alts, "used to be in the San Diego Reader, but they don't like portrayals of gay couples in their publication, like with the characters Akbar and Jeff," Groening said, according to Variety. "So now every year I come to Comic-Con and denounce the San Diego Reader." Groening was also asked if he had any plans to turn the strip into an animated series. He said it was possible but explained, "There is a satisfaction in working in a collaborative process in animation," but "there's another kind of creative fulfillment of doing something completely by yourself."