Another Fort Collins Weekly Closes its Doors

may 19, 2009  09:18 am
Fort Collins Now is publishing its final issue this week, the Coloradoan reports. The paper was founded in 2003 as Fort Collins Weekly by AAN veterans Joel Dyer and Greg Campbell and sold to Nevada-based Swift Communications in 2007, which changed the name to Fort Collins Now. After the ownership change, Dyer and Campbell both remained involved with the paper, although they took on lesser roles. "It was clear that we have given Fort Collins Now a good length of time to see if it could turn a profit. It was really clear it wasn't happening," Campbell says. "It seems like the opportunity with Swift sort of delayed the inevitable." The weekly becomes the latest alt-style paper to close down in Fort Collins. In 2006, the AAN member Rocky Mountain Bullhorn ceased publication, and in 2008 the Rocky Mountain Chronicle did the same.