Alternative Cartoonists Get Their Own Contest

All strips regularly published in an AAN paper are eligible to compete.

december 28, 2000  11:50 am
Although AAN eliminated the cartoon category from this year's editorial awards contest, the association announced today that it will host a separate contest for alternative cartoonists. All strips that were regularly published in an AAN paper in 2000 are eligible to compete.

A separate contest was necessary to properly conduct the cartoon competition since most strips published in AAN papers are syndicated. The annual editorial awards contest focuses on material that originates from a single paper.

Entries in the cartoon contest may be submitted by the cartoonists themselves. To qualify, each entry must include at least ten single- or multiple-panel strips that were published as stand-alone cartoons.

Entry forms were mailed this week; the deadline for entries is February 28, 2001. Any cartoonist who is interested in participating in the contest should contact AAN (202/822-1955) to request an entry form.

The winners will be announced during the editorial awards presentation at next year's annual convention, which will be held in New Orleans, July 12-14.