Alt-Cartoonists Sound Off About the Changing Industry

october 8, 2009  02:12 pm
"This art form that I fell in love with 20 years ago is on its hospital bed," Dan Perkins, aka Tom Tomorrow, tells Extra! in a piece on how the alt-weekly industry's struggles have affected alt-cartoonists. Other prominent cartoonists, like Lloyd Dangle, Jen Sorensen and Alison Bechdel, weigh in on losing clients, the digital transformation and what comes next. "We're a little like op-ed columnists; people wouldn't expect someone like Paul Krugman to sell T-shirts to survive and pay for his column," Sorensen says. "The idea that content should be free is definitely threatening our entire genre." MORE CARTOONING NEWS: Perkins talks to the New Haven Advocate about his new book, Pearl Jam and the "not so bright" future of his craft.