Air Force Cadet Airs Deep Problems at Academy

march 19, 2003  09:47 am
Air Force Cadet  Airs Deep Problems at Academy
As the nation's armed forces prepare for war in Iraq, an internal battle rages at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Westword staff writer Julie Jargon reveals in a series of articles that a growing number of female cadets say they have been sexually assaulted by their male counterparts at the Academy. Air Force cadets theoretically are subject to the strictest discipline and the highest moral standards. But as Jargon reveals, the Air Force's response typically has been to pay more attention to its own interests than to the rights of the victims. As more and more women come forward -- with the support of at least two Colorado Congressmen -- it's becoming evident that, whatever messy jobs it may be asked to do in the Middle East, the Air Force already has plenty of work to do at home.