Ad Demand for Radio Continues to Erode

july 14, 2004  10:40 am
The U.S. ad recovery may be boosting results for the media industry overall, but it continues to reflect erratic results for individual media. That was evident Tuesday, when the Radio Advertising Bureau released its much-anticipated figures for May advertising sales, which showed erosion, not a strengthening of both local and national advertising demand. The disclosure is the latest in a series of mixed advertising signals within the media industry. Earlier this week, the Magazine Publishers of America released data indicating that consumer magazines finally appear to be getting traction in terms of demand for advertising pages, while recent data from the American Business Media shows demand for business publications remains weak. While the TV marketplace is benefiting from a bonanza of political ad spending, campaign ad budgets don't appear to have boon - yet - for other local media, especially radio or newspapers. Demand for online media continues to surge.