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The 43 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: January 6-12, 2020

by Stranger EverOut Staff Cloudburst Brewing will celebrate their fourth anniversary on Friday with rare barrel-aged beer and fresh hoppy...
The Stranger  |  01-06-2020  |  Slog

Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Cinematic Synth Chiller "Through the Trees" by Seattle Duo Old Dark House

Track of the day is the cinematic synth chiller "Through the Trees" by Seattle soundtrack savants Old Dark House. by...
The Stranger  |  01-06-2020  |  Slog

Send Us Your “Online Dating War Story”—and Win Big Bucks!

by Wm. Steven Humphrey FR86 / GETTY IMAGESWe’ve all been there—an online date that goes horribly, hilariously wrong or starts...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-06-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

Julian Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren

He joins Megan Rapinoe and Ayanna Pressley. by Katie Herzog Joining Megan Rapinoe and Ayanna Pressley, Julián Castro threw his...
The Stranger  |  01-06-2020  |  Slog

Washington Bans Scammy Health Care Sharing Company and Collects $150,000

by Rich Smith Watch out for a company called Aliera trying to sell you "health care solutions." CECILIE_ARCURS / GETTY...
The Stranger  |  01-06-2020  |  Slog

Washington State Weed Robberies Lead to Changes

by Josh Jardine Dan Cole Officials at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WLCB) have responded to requests from...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-06-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

The Most Delicious Things to Do in Portland: January 2020

by Mercury EverOut Staff St. Johns Winter Beer Fest StormBreaker invites beer lovers to gather in their snowglobe of beer...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-06-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

The 19 Best Things to Do in Portland This Week: Jan 6-9

by Mercury EverOut Staff Global political events not withstanding, (yes, that's a pretty big exception, roll with it) it sorta...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-06-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

Good Morning, News: Trump Threatens War Crimes, Laika Gets a Globe, and Portland Reflects on Commissioner Fish

by Alex Zielinski Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-06-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

Slog AM: Iranian Americans Detained at Border, Harvey Weinstein's Criminal Trial Begins, Australia Gets Some Rain

by Nathalie Graham The #MeToo movement is watching. ALEXANDER KOERNER/GETTYIranian Americans have been detained at the border: According to Washington's...
The Stranger  |  01-06-2020  |  Slog

Commissioner Fish Remembered By Former Colleagues, Friends, Adversaries

by Alex Zielinski City of Portland Archives For the past 11 years, City Commissioner Nick Fish's office on the second...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-06-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

A Big List of Unstreamable Movies

Turn off the internet and touch some tapes. by Chase Burns Originally published on Oct. 17.Unstreamable is a weekly column...
The Stranger  |  01-05-2020  |  Slog

The 23 Best Music Shows in Seattle This Week: January 6-12, 2020

The Stranger's music critics' picks for the week. by Elaina Friedman This week, our music critics have picked everything from...
The Stranger  |  01-05-2020  |  Slog

Sweet Dreams

by Anonymous It’s Christmas Day, two weeks ago. I’m on the MAX to the airport to visit family. It’s been...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-05-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

You think I didn't pick up after my dog?

by Anonymous Walking my large breed dog the other day in St. Johns and you gave me the evil look...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-05-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

White People Can Really Suck

by Anonymous OK, I'm a white person. A 60 year old privileged white woman with an advanced medical degree. Maybe...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-04-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

Let's think big, Portland

by Anonymous Oh my fucking god. Toll the highway and use it to fund a fareless TriMet. Then we wouldn't...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-04-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

Nice try!

by Anonymous Posting on nextdoor for a housecleaner to replace me? Think again! I did a great job, charged you...
The Portland Mercury  |  01-04-2020  |  Blog Town, PDX

Two Unstreamable Spike Lee Classics

by Chase Burns Savion Glover as "Mantan," his blackface-wearing, tap-dancing alter ego who hosts the show Mantan: The New Millennium...
The Stranger  |  01-04-2020  |  Slog

The Gospel According to Paul Dorr

A little-known political consultant from Iowa is beating back the menace of public education in Minnesota, one school referendum at a time.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Molly Priesmeyer  |  07-11-2005  |  Policy Issues

Access Denied

Systematic statewide abuse of Oregon public records laws thwarts the people's right to know.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  05-31-2016  |  Civil Liberties

Holy Hustler: Miami Pastor Will Save City's Soul — If He Can Stay Out of Jail

Pastor Vincent Spann is one of Miami's most complex characters: He's a disgraced former drill sergeant who has gained national prominence for rescuing legions of addicts using military discipline, supernatural faith, and flimflam.
Miami New Times  |  Gus Garcia-Roberts  |  01-26-2009  |  Religion